How to Install?

Installation is easy. You can either install from our website or directly via chrome web store. After installation, make sure you've logged in to your gmail account. The extension reload the gmail automatically after install for new settings to take effect.

Is it free?

Inboxup mailtracker is absolutely 100% free. No signature will be added to your sent mail.

How to know if it's working or not ?

Inboxup will add some changes your gmail interface. On gmail addon sidebar, it will add a small icon logo from where you can enable/disable the functionality for each gmail id. On compose box, it will add a bird-eye icon from which you tracking can be enabled or disabled for particular sent email.

Is per recipient tracking supported?

No, per-recipient tracking is a complex feature which requires almost full permission from user. We may definitely support it in future.

Which browser are supported ?

Only chrome and other chromium based browsers are supported.

Does mail tracking work everytime ?
No, because every tracked sent mail contains a very small image tracking pixel which may not be loaded by recipient mail server in the following cases:
  • If recipient mail server disabled all incoming images (or remote loading content) on recieved mail.
  • If the user has default selected the plain-text mode option from the gmail compose box. Tracking will only works on rich-text mode.
  • If the recipient device installed some kind of email tracker blocker.
Where I can find my all tracked emails ?

You can find all your tracked emails inside gmail SENT label.

I'm not recieving real-time notifications

To recieve realtime web notifications, you need to enable notification settings from inboxup settings page. After installing the extension, you can go to settings page via this url: https://inboxup.io/settings

Unusual activity detected on tracked emails.

If tracked mail you sent to recipient is fowarded multiple times or if the user is using VPN service and switching locations fast, then it will add all open count to same tracker data. Unfortunately there is no way to detect if user forwarded sent mail or not.

Extension not working on gmail

Try reinstalling the extension and restart the browser after that.